Surprisingly, despite the vast variety of assets available, none have been specifically designed with the holder in mind.

The cryptocurrency market is no exception – holders here are at a significant disadvantage, with their interests considered last. Everyone from exchanges and projects to promoters and scamers earn billions of dollars annually, while the holders are the only ones losing money in this entire scheme.

Moreover, what we see is that the primary need of holders is to find a project whose price will increase. However, the market only offers tokens with an already determined fair price. Furthermore, this price is typically limited by fundamental factors and has an extremely limited growth potential.

But what if this issue is addressed and the interests of holders are made the utmost priority?

The Dolan Finance team and community pondered this question, and in the process of solving it, synthesized the world's first token fully focused on holders. Its sole purpose is to ensure steady price growth. To achieve this, we had to break away from the conventional exchange mechanics, and now, within this white paper, we are excited to share how we accomplished this.

Introducing Dolan - the first token created to grow.

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