📊Dolan vs. Staking

Our reward system for holders is unparalleled in the market, but among all the tools, tokens with staking options have the most similar structure. So, let's compare them.

Staking typically offers comparatively low returns, often not in line with the risks inherent in cryptocurrency investments. Staking also involves locking tokens, increasing risks and severely limiting holder options. Moreover, payouts are often made by minting new tokens, negatively affecting the price due to inflation.

Unlike staking, Dolan offers a much higher profit potential for holding. This is possible because Dolan focuses not only on paying rewards to holders but also on increasing the price of the asset itself.

Dolan's payout mechanics do not negatively impact the price, as payouts are made from sales commissions, not by minting new tokens or selling tokens allocated for this purpose. Also, tokens are not locked, allowing participants to sell them immediately in unforeseen circumstances.

Another important feature of Dolan is that payouts are made in BNB, not tokens. This is a fundamentally important point, as our goal is to provide holders with real, tangible profit that improves their quality of life, not just to "draw" it on the screen.

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