Dolan White Paper


The tokenomics of Dolan perfectly align with the overall concept of the project and are fully focused on the interests of holders. A key distinction from most projects is the complete absence of tokens allocated for any external expenses such as marketing, team, listings, or airdrops. This approach ensures no negative impact on the price graph, maintaining the best possible value.
Presale (54%): 375,841,488.184 Dolan. These tokens are distributed through a Fair Launch on Pinksale, ensuring a maximally fair and equitable distribution of the main portion of tokens among all participants.
Liquidity (31%): 214,229,648.26488 Dolan. These tokens are entirely allocated to liquidity with a lock-in period of 1 year.
BigPump (15%): 104,130,200.55 Dolan. Tokens from this pool will be used to create liquidity and improve the market price, thereby providing optimal conditions for trading. It's important to note that these funds will remain within the project forever and can only be spent on buybacks.
This tokenomics structure is designed to ensure a stable and sustainable growth of the Dolan project, with a strong emphasis on benefiting the holders and maintaining the integrity and value of the Dolan token in the market.