Our duty is to protect our holders as much as possible, so we have taken all possible steps to eliminate associated risks. In addition to standard security measures, we have paid special attention to the following areas:
Smart Contract Security: The Dolan smart contract not only meets all SAFU Pinksale standards but also has much more stringent restrictions aimed at maximizing holder protection. We have completely eliminated all factors that can be perceived by the community as potentially unsafe. Therefore, no one can set a buy tax, change the sell tax, halt trading, add holders to a blacklist, etc. You can familiarize yourself with the intricacies of our contract by examining the independent audit conducted by trusted Pinksale partners: INSERT LINK!
Security and Transparency of Draws: One of the key technical tasks of our project is the automation of winnings distribution among holders through open-source smart contracts. This will achieve the highest degree of transparency in the draws, allowing any user to independently verify their legitimacy.
Price Drop Protection: The economic structure of Dolan is perfectly balanced and has an extremely high degree of resistance to potential price drops. On the one hand, this is achieved naturally through the sell tax - in the event of a significant price drop, Dolan's economy is replenished much faster, increasing payouts for holders and making the purchase of Dolan more attractive. On the other hand, Dolan has a BIG PUMP fund created to pump the price in special cases, including significant price drops. Additionally, we encourage all holders to take a prudent approach to position building, implying buying more in case of a significant price drop.
Open and Verified Team: We have taken all reasonable steps to ensure your confidence in the absolute honesty and transparency of our intentions. The founder of Dolan not only passed a full identity verification - KYC process but also adheres to the principle of complete openness to the community. Any participant can ask a question in the Telegram channel or during regular AMA sessions.
We are also always open to any suggestions for enhancing the security of the project and protecting our holders.