We are pleased to present the Dolan roadmap. Here, we discuss the main milestones in the project's development, adhering to principles of openness and transparency.
Phase 1:
  • Creation of the project.
  • Conducting IDO on Pinksale.
  • Listing on Pancakeswap.
  • Launching targeted advertising on X (Twitter) and Telegram.
  • Coinmarketcap fast track.
  • Coingecko fast track.
  • Review on Dexview.
  • Formation of the first Dolan Army squad.
Phase 2:
  • Launch of the Dolan Army reward program.
  • Improvement of token distribution mechanics.
  • Launch of global marketing.
  • Launch of a Telegram exchange bot.
Phase 3:
  • Automation of the rewards payment system.
  • Formation of a professional Dolan Army.
  • Integration with streaming platforms to popularize the brand.
It's important to clarify that we have deviated from standard practice and made some adjustments to the public version of our roadmap. Firstly, we don't set unrealistic goals or detail many project tasks and nuances that may be implemented with changes. Secondly, we don't specify any deadlines for tasks, and all significant events will occur in due course, without prior announcements.
We have made these changes because we consider it fundamentally important to eliminate the standard practice of speculating on our holders' expectations, which inevitably leads to negative consequences and contradicts Dolan's main idea.
We also note that we maintain flexibility in decision-making and always act in the interests of our holders. Therefore, any points of the roadmap may be changed for the benefit of our holders. This is standard practice, as it is impossible to predict all the nuances of development in advance.