🎲Is Dolan a game?

Exchanges are often likened to a zero-sum game. From this perspective, Dolan exposes exchange mechanics, making the "rules of the game" more explicit and gamifying the process of distributing money among trading participants. The rules become very simple: sell = lose, others sell = you win.

Upon broader consideration, if we take into account not only the distribution of commissions but also the price of the asset, another rule emerges: the earlier you buy, the more you earn. The abstraction of this mechanic implies that all inhabitants of the planet are already participants in Dolan, but the vast majority are currently passing their turn, allowing you the opportunity to be among the early buyers and profit from the price increase.

In this conceptualization, Dolan transforms the conventional trading experience into a more game-like scenario. It emphasizes strategic decision-making based on market movements and participant actions. This gamified approach could attract a broader audience, appealing to those who enjoy strategic and competitive elements, typical in games, applied to the financial market context.

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